A major territory for developpment and innovation

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A global cluster

Paris-Saclay, a project with national and international ambitions, addresses a public interest challenge. The Paris-Saclay Development Authority is moving forward with momentum to complete the major urban Campus currently under construction: embracing new research, supporting the development of Université Paris-Saclay and creating new urban neighborhoods that build on the formidable assets of the site itself, with its existing urban centers and a protected natural and agricultural zone. Remarkable for its environmental qualities, Paris-Saclay offers prospects for a new relationship between town and country, with greater cooperation with the agricultural world.

Whether on the Urban campus itself, or in the Yvelines, around the Versailles-Satory West developments, Paris-Saclay offers a unique opportunity to create a sustainable city environment with innovative services, new technologies and the chance to be able to take into account, from the outset, key considerations on factors such as water, energy, biodiversity and waste management.